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How Bidirectional Doors Make for Safe and Easy Movement Through Various Facilities

Bidirectional doors—also known as double acting doors—are designed for entering and exiting areas of building safely. These doors swing in both directions to allow for swift movement without the possibility of collisions or traffic jams. Since these doors swing away from the person or object passing through, this allows for a more safe and easy passage for each individual.

Bidirectional doors are custom engineered for use in a variety of facilities, including retail, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes, and correctional institutions because they offer the following safety benefits.

Safer Entrances & Exits

Bidirectional doors keep people safe by preventing any collisions with oncoming foot traffic, loads, or with the doors themselves. Since the doors swing away from the individual, there is no risk of colliding with the door. People can safely enter and exit through these doors quickly without worry of hitting or being hit by oncoming traffic or objects around them.

Direct Foot Traffic

Most people who use bidirectional doors know that the right-side door is the door to pass through. This helps direct and control foot traffic, especially in high-volume traffic areas, for a safer, more efficient entry and exit. These extra precautions make double acting doors even safer and more efficient.

Proper Labelling

  • Some employers mark their bidirectional doors with the words “In” and “Out,”
  • Painting the doors green on the right door and red on the left reminds people which door is safe to use.


Many bidirectional doors are installed with windows as an added safety measure. If someone happens to be standing in front of a door, or coming through the wrong side, the windows will provide visibility of that person and will prevent a collision and possible injuries. Even if the doors are labelled to direct traffic, there is always a possibility that someone will stand in front of the wrong door or forget which door to use while in a hurry.

Open Quickly & Easily

For an efficient and safe opening, a bidirectional door opens with minimal impact and closes automatically. People do not need to strain themselves by forcefully pushing the door to open or close it. If someone happens to be on the other side of the door, the lack of force needed to push it will prevent serious injuries in the unlikely event that the door ends up hitting someone.

Bidirectional doors keep everyone safe while ensuring minimal traffic interruptions and optimal efficiency in the workplace. Whether in a restaurant, school, or hospital, these swift-moving safety doors keep everyone moving in the right direction while minimizing the risks of collisions and injuries.

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