Safe-T-Gres is offers emergency doors designed, manufactured, and distributed by Complete Entry Systems and Services (CESS), a Canadian-owned company.

What are Emergency Doors?

Like emergency exits, these doors are specifically designed to allow emergency access to another room. Whether it’s for an exit or the entrance to room like a bathroom, these doors can be a doorway in or out. Safe-T-Gres’ doors offer complete reversibility and ease to unlock, allowing rapid access in cases where the door is obstructed or impassable.

Why Safe-T-Gres?

Safe-T-Gres was engineered with the safety of everyone in mind. Traditional safety doors were not designed for efficiency in emergencies, and hospitals, retirement homes, and the like are constantly looking for ways to improve and ensure the safety of their clients.

With innovative double-acting systems and easy unlocking technology, Safe-T-Gres delivers doors with unparalleled safety that are easy and intuitive to use.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Safe-T-Gres is not your typical bi-directional automatic washroom door system. With a streamlined product that offers everything you need for the optimal washroom door safety solution, Safe-T-Gres is constantly improving its emergency door systems to continuously meet your needs. We provide solutions with everyone’s safety in mind.