Save time when you need it the most!

Emergencies require quick action, especially in high-risk places like medical, long-term care, correctional, and government facilities. Safe-T-Gres double-acting doors were designed with these situations and facilities in mind.

The primary purpose of these doors is simple: to allow the door to swing open from the inside as well as from the outside, with just a flip of the button. This allows access to rooms in situations where swinging the door one way might pose risks or put those on either side in danger.

Here are some of the benefits of installing Safe-T-Gres doors:


  • 1 push locking system
  • Visible occupancy and lock indicators
  • Instant access for trained staff
  • Easy reset
  • True 180-degree swing
  • Indicates if door is not properly closed
safe t gress double action doors


Technical Features

External View

Double Acting Doors External View

Internal View

Double Acting Doors Internal View

Looking to install double acting doors?

You’ll be happy to know that Safe-T-Gres:

  • Comes as a complete package, including frame, door, automatics, and privacy kit;
  • Provides a clean look with its concealed heavy duty operator;
  • Has adjustable, concealed weather strips for guaranteed privacy; and
  • Electrical components automatically shut down when in the breakout direction to avoid potential dangers.