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How Emergency Safety Doors in Prisons Protect Inmates, Staff, and Visitors

Emergency safety doors are necessary in prisons for both prison security and for the safety of the inmates, prison staff, and visitors. Emergency doors are strong enough to withstand hard impact and can open both ways with a 180-degree swing, allowing staff to easily open and close doors in emergency situations.

Equipped with a fast one-push locking system, emergency doors also include a notification system for when the door isn’t properly closed. In emergency prison situations, one second can make a world of difference in the prison’s safety and security, so fast acting emergency doors are necessary for the safety and security of everyone inside.

Inmate Safety

Inmates are often at risk of injury from other inmates and from themselves. Emergency doors help injured inmates, not to mention when they’re under physical threat or need medical attention. This is especially useful if the door is blocked on one side. With emergency safety doors, inmates cannot lock staff out or barricade the door since these doors can open in both directions.

Staff Safety

Emergency doors also help keep prison staff safe. Correctional officers can exit a situation if they feel threatened and quickly lock the door behind them with the push-lock system. Officers can quickly get protection behind an emergency door when threatened by violence. The same goes for prison hospital staff. Hospital staff can quickly leave the room and lock the door if an inmate starts acting unruly.

Visitor Safety

Violent inmates pose a risk for visitors to the facility. To ensure visitor safety, emergency doors should be in place to prevent the violent inmates from harming visitors. Prisons have an obligation to protect everyone who enters their premises.

Secure Premises

Since emergency safety doors lock quickly and notify staff if the door hasn’t closed properly, prisons can enjoy greater security. Inmates cannot easily attempt to escape through an unlocked door, nor can they access areas of the prison to threaten the security of others.

Emergency doors are important for the overall safety and security of prisons. However, these doors also require trained staff to operate effectively in emergency situations, or to prevent emergency situations altogether. Prisons need to ensure the safety of everyone inside, including inmates, staff, and visitors. An emergency door can make a difference by reducing risks and potentially saving lives.

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