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How Emergency Doors Save Lives And Prevent Injury

We don’t put a lot of thought into doors, despite the fact they’re the first thing we look for on a building. When those doors are on a hospital, school, or correctional facility, though, they can’t just be “out of sight, out of mind.” The value of an emergency door in a prison cannot be understated—it’s not just beneficial, but essential.

Emergency doors are typically double egress doors, meaning they open both ways. They also often have a simple push locking system, and are made from high-quality, high-durability materials.

These features are especially helpful for correctional facility staff. Here are a few ways an emergency door can improve safety:

Prevent Barricading

Because emergency doors open both ways and can be unlocked on either side, an inmate cannot lock themselves in a room. This can reduce the chance of an inmate endangering themselves. Whether intentional or accidental, it’s a safety risk. Because the door works both ways, they cannot be blocked from one side. This is a life-saving feature in prisons.

Avoid Hostage Situations

An emergency door can also help prevent serious hostage situations. Inmate assaults on correctional staff is a serious issue. There were 855 incidents reported in 2013 alone. Secure doors that can always be opened by staff and correctional personnel are an absolute must for safety, as they help prevent situations from escalating out of control.

Medical Emergencies

As in hospitals, double egress emergency doors can save lives in a prison or correctional facility. Injuries need addressing quickly, and a door that opens and unlocks from both sides allows medical staff prompt and easy access to injured persons.

This is closely linked with the previous two points, as well: it prevents serious self-inflicted injuries or injuries inflicted on others. They are also an excellent way to get people in or out of a room.

In high risk areas, such as prisons, it’s imperative that the facility is not only secure, but also easy to access in an emergency. While emergencies in prisons might not always be preventable, having high-quality emergency doors in place can certainly help mitigate them.

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