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How Double Acting Doors Can Improve School Safety and Ease of Movement for Students and Staff

Schools require an emergency exit plan to ensure the safety of staff and students at all times. Part of this plan is the practice of fire drills. Students are taught to walk in an orderly line through hallways, stairwells, and exits to a safe location outside to maximize fire-safety. Fire drills teach students how to organize themselves quickly so that everyone can exit the building calmly, safely, and efficiently in the event of an emergency.

Another aspect of a safe exit plan is the use of efficient doors that allow for fast and easy movement in emergencies and on a regular basis. The installation of emergency doors, such as double acting doors, can improve school safety since these doors open in both directions, allowing for swift and efficient movement through rooms, hallways, stairwells, and exits.

Fast & Easy Movement

With double acting doors installed at strategic locations, students and staff can quickly move through the school during regular school hours and in the event of an emergency. The double action door system can open in both directions, so there is no risk of a door locking occupants in a room, stairwell, or corridor.

Additionally, if someone is unable to open the door from one side due to illness or an injury, staff, students, or first responders will be able to gain access to them quickly with a double action door.

High-Volume Traffic

A double action door system is ideal for buildings that have a massive number of occupants entering and exiting the building, and going through doors, stairwells, and hallways each day. This high-volume foot traffic can move smoothly and efficiently with the help of double acting doors.

The use of the right-hand door for those exiting a hallway or building will always ensure an orderly flow without interference from oncoming foot traffic.

Safe & Orderly Exit

Since double acting doors can open in both directions, they allow for a fast and safe exit from schools in the event of an emergency. In situations that have the entire school exiting the building at the same time, these doors can keep students moving in a safe and orderly manner without the worry of a backlog occurring.

The combination of fire drills and effective emergency doors help students and staff stay calm and avoid the dangers of a panicked crowd.

Additional Benefits of Double Acting-Doors

Depending on the area, schools can opt to install a single double action door or two doors. The two-door system is ideal for larger areas—i.e. hallways—that experience the highest volumes of traffic. For bathrooms and classrooms, only one door is necessary. These doors can also have windows for proper visibility and safety. Classroom and hallway doors should have windows so occupants can see if there is anyone on the other side before opening the door.

Student safety is a top priority for schools—that’s why schools practice fire drills and lock downs regularly. Whether in an emergency, or just on a regular school day, students should be able to move freely and safely through rooms, hallways, stairwells, and exits in their schools.

As efficient emergency doors that open in both directions, double acting doors allow for this swift and safe movement in schools at all times.

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