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Improve Kitchen Accessibility for Smooth Traffic Flow with Double Acting Doors

Maintaining fantastic atmosphere in a busy restaurant can be a challenge. While the kitchen is full of energy and noise, you want a relaxed feel in the dining room. What happens when the bustle of the kitchen spills into the dining room, though? On the one hand, you need some sort of boundary between both locations, but your staff needs to be able to move quickly and easily between both. Double-acting doors provide a solution! You’ve probably seen them: doors that swing both ways with busy wait staff pushing through while carefully balancing delicious meals. They’re convenient, and not just for the obvious reasons. Let’s take a closer look:

Kitchen Noise

Not every chef is like Gordon Ramsey, hurling invective at sous-chefs and waiters. But kitchens are still noisy places, full of activity, often with orders or updates shouted from one end to the other. A set of double-acting doors can help isolate some of that noise, ensuring only minimal amounts leak into the dining room. Since double acting doors also close behind the person who walks through them, there’s no need to worry about leaving a door open. And better still, these doors don’t slam!

Better Traffic Flow

Wait staff need not worry about walking into each other or pushing doors into someone carrying large trays of food or drink. A set of double-action doors allows a steady stream of traffic in and out of the kitchen. No matter what side you’re on, always use the door to your right. This will keep the risk of collision to a minimum. Double acting doors help keep staff safe.

Improved Safety

For added safety, these doors often can be equipped with bumpers that reduce impact on staff and protect surrounding walls. Simple windows also help with visibility for approaching staff to ensure there are never any traffic jams. These valuable additions help protect staff and property alike, and the added visibility drastically reduce the likelihood of collisions.

Easy Accessibility

In addition to better traffic flow and improved safety, waitstaff love double acting doors because they don’t have to worry about handles while carrying large plates of food and drink. The ability to walk through the door without stopping or fiddling with a handle helps keep staff safe and reduces wait times for customers.

Double acting doors can make a dramatic difference in any restaurant to keep staff traffic moving smoothly while ensuring safety and efficiency.

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